2016: Looking Forward

Posted on January 2, 2016


The past few days my social feeds have been awash with retrospectives of the year past. As an alternative I’d like to take a look at the year ahead instead.

How to Stub Moment.js

Posted on December 7, 2015


We recently hit a problem when writing unit tests that included Moment.js. The library exports a factory rather than an object so it wasn’t obvious how to stub out its methods.

Fixing A Broken Keynote File

Posted on October 23, 2015


Yesterday I updated Keynote and the unthinkable happened, the slides for my CSS talk wouldn’t load! I thought I’d been sensible storing them on iCloud and Google Drive but evidently that wasn’t enough.

Why I Became A Developer?

Posted on June 22, 2015


It’s a question I’ve been considering for some time, and one that I’m afraid doesn’t have a simple answer.