2016: Looking Forward

January 2, 2016

The past few days my social feeds have been awash with retrospectives of the year past. As an alternative I’d like to take a look at the year ahead instead.

Techwise it’s hard to see a great change in the industry. React is still the hot topic and it only seems that support and adoption will grow following the release of v0.14 and the continual development of React Native.

There are quite a few discussions around the subject that are still to be resolved, most noticably the argument for and against the use of inline styling within components; something I will touch on in a talk I am working on about unifying the ui using React.

From a styling perspective there is a lot of movement in the world of CSS standards. There are several that I am excited to see gain traction and hopefully browser adoption is 2016.

CSS Color Level 4 is one such specification that intrigues me. As of writing it is in editors draft but the logic behind these color adjuster functions for example has been in pre-processors for some time so for browser vendors to adopt it should be fairly straight forward.

PostCSS has become the go to tool for processing our CSS as rather than learning proprietry syntax like LESS or SASS everything you write, barring a few fun plugins, is web standards that gets transpiled for backwards compatability, in a similar way to how babel works for ECMAScript. 2016 should be the year PostCSS makes a dent in SASS’s popularity.

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