Fixing A Broken Keynote File

October 23, 2015

Yesterday I updated Keynote and the unthinkable happened, the slides for my CSS talk wouldn’t load! I thought I’d been sensible storing them on iCloud and Google Drive but evidently that wasn’t enough.

After a frantic stream of technical restarts and even reinstalling Keynote I stumbled on a solution so utterly ridiculous I’m almost embarrassed to write this post!

1) Duplicate your file, I know it’s already broken but better to be safe
2) Rename the duplicate to be a .zip
3) Extract the zip, on OSX this will create a folder in the same directory
4) Rename the directory to be a .key
5) All being well this should now open!
6) From the File menu select Save, it should prompt you to create a new file

Now BACK IT UP 100 times!!!!

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