Why I Became A Developer?

June 22, 2015

It’s a question I’ve been considering for some time, and one that I’m afraid doesn’t have a simple answer.

The big misconception I find is that most assume as a developer you are inherently just a numbers and logic guy. We spend our days coding the boring bits that sit behind the pretty things you see online. I will admit that there are some out there who do just enough to throw out a website. The majority of us however see it as a much more creative vocation and a chance to build something beautiful from the back to the front.

The best analogy I can muster is a poem. It’s bound by the rules of the language - grammar, spelling etc. - but from the poets creative manipulation of this can come something truly beautiful. It is similar for development, the myriad possibilities that can be found in quite rigid syntax are fascinating. Ok, I’m not trying to say we’re 21st century Keateses but hopefully you get where I’m coming from.

In my early years we had an Amstrad CPC 464. One of the first things I can remember building was a horse racing simulator. It was crude, really crude! The horses looked more like triangular dogs being shoveled along. I loved it though, using maths and code to put together something visually fun and interactive - mixed with a little gambling. From then on I was hooked!

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